The Lounge

Levi Spirit Lounge is a brand new center for the area and a gathering place for our guest’s. 

On a busy season it works as your lounge on arrival before the check in, or at departure while waiting on your transfer to the airport. Lunch on arrival and departure can be ordered to be enjoyed at the lounge and it will serve as a base for you, if you decide to add an activity for your arrival or departure day, to make the most of your experience.

Larger groups and families will be able to gather in the lounge for all their meals packages to be enjoyed together in our cosy clubhouse restaurant. 

See you at The Lounge! 


Board meetings, recreation, innovation, incentives, celebrations… Levi Spirit Villas offer you unique and exceptional surroundings to clear your mind and focus on essential, surrounded by the inspiring nature. 

The Lounge is a versatile, modern and cosy environment for any types of small and intimate family- or corporate events. It can easily be transformed to suit any kinds of gatherings, with only imagination being our limiting factor. The glass framed outdoor lounge can showcase larger product’s, be used for welcome drinks and speeches, or to be set up as a bar or an additional dining area in summertime. 

The space allows you to gather around a large table for a more formal event or spread around the room to lounge comfortably on the couches while focusing on a presentation, or even do yoga.  

The entire building, in and outdoors, can be branded with lighting colours and logos. Being equipped with high-speed internet and modern AV technology makes it suitable for any training events, briefings, press conferences, product launches as well as for virtual- or hybrid events and celebrations. 

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